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Myopia Controlling Spectacles: Miyosmart and Stellest

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Myopia controlling spectacles such as Miyosmart (Hoya) and Stellest (Essilor) offer a dual benefit of correcting vision while also slowing down the progression of myopia.

These spectacles are a great alternative for children who are not yet comfortable wearing contact lenses or have ocular surface issues like dry eye.These spectacles have a unique design where the central lens corrects vision, while the surrounding zone of lenslets creates non-focused light in front of the peripheral retina (myopic defocus). This signal effectively slows down the elongation of the eye, reducing the progression of myopia in children by over 60%1 when compared to single vision lenses2.

The lenses are crafted from 1.59 polycarbonate, a sturdy and impact-resistant material that ensures long-lasting usage. They also provide UV protection, making them ideal for children’s outdoor activities and use in the playground!

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