Drummoyne Optometrist

As an optometrist-owned and led business, Theia Optical believes in personalised eye care services for all eye health concerns. Our team of optometrists in Drummoyne is equipped to administer thorough tests to accurately diagnose a patient’s eye condition and vision issues with complete and personalised optometry services.

Eye examinations for everyone — We offer general eye examinations for adults and children to address any changes to our patient’s vision and provide recommendations to maintain eye health and prevent vision issues down the line.

Diagnostic tests and care for various conditions — We perform retinal imaging to diagnose and track the progression of multiple eye diseases and provide assessments for conditions that can affect eyesight, such as glaucoma, diabetes and more.

Contact lens fitting — Aside from providing quality frames, we help our patients do away with glasses by fitting them with comfortable contact lenses that fit their lifestyle.

Along with valuing professionalism and accuracy, our friendly team ensures the process is as pleasant as possible. Our optometrists in Drummoyne are happy to answer any questions or concerns so that you are aware, confident and entirely in charge of your eye health.

Why we should be your chosen
optometrist in Drummoyne

Our boutique optometry clinic offers a comprehensive range of long- and short-term eye care services and a diverse selection of high-quality eyeglasses and contact lenses for every lifestyle. With a personalised approach to treatment and the use of cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy optimal eye health and vision clarity.

Look no further than Theia Optical’s Drummoyne optometry clinic to provide excellent and accessible eye care services for all. Don’t hesitate and contact us to book an appointment — so you can experience true clarity and confidence in your eye health.